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    Many grocery stores use label printing scales. Shoppers can weigh an item away from the POS and print a specialized label. These labels are often called "weight embedded", because the weighted value is embedded in the barcode. The Loyverse POS app, starting from version 2.33 for iOS, supports scanning barcodes with the item SKU and its weight. When scanning such a barcode, the item is automatically added to the receipt with the indicated weight. The system allows the use of weighted barcodes in the following formats: EAN 13 and UPC-A. To use this feature, log in to your Back Office, click on the Settings icon on the left menu bar to go to the System settings. In the ‘Features’ section, switch on the parameter for ‘Barcodes with embedded weight’. Click the ‘Save’ button. Updates: The Loyverse POS app, starting from version 2.19.1 for Android, also supports scanning barcodes with embedded weight. For more details check help article: How to Scan Barcodes with Embedded Weight
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    Many merchants give their clients loyalty cards with barcodes. You can now use such cards to identify your customers by scanning barcodes from their loyalty cards. The Loyverse POS app, starting from version 2.18 for Android and version 2.32 for iOS, supports scanning customer codes. This function appears when adding a customer to the ticket. The cashier can add the customer to the receipt by scanning the barcode from his/her loyalty card with a barcode scanner or device camera. However, before doing that, the barcode from the customer's loyalty card (“customer code”) should be entered into the customer's profile. This is easy to do in the Back Office. You can also use the exporting-importing functionality to update your customer's list with code in bulk. The cashier can also connect the customer code with customers when registering customers in the loyalty program and fill in the customer profile at the POS. For more details, check the help article: How to Add the Customer to the Receipt by Scanning a Barcode.
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    In the Loyverse POS app version 2.17 for Android and version 2.31 for iOS, the address field was added to the customer’s profile. Now you can fill in the address of your customer when adding them to your customer base. If you switch on the ‘Show customer info’ option In the Receipt settings section at the Back Office settings, the information of your registered customers will be displayed on the receipts. The customer address will appear on the printed receipt along with other information about the customer Name and Phone number. The same information will be shown on the emailed receipt. You can also add and edit address at the back office customers profile. More details here: Information about the Customer and Comments in the Receipt
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    The new version 2.0 of Loyverse POS app for Android tablets and smartphones has just been released. We implemented cool new designs, such as a new customized sale screen, payment selection screen, receipt management, and many others. The list features added to the new Loyverse POS app for Android: - App redesign - Added item layout setup to quickly access most used items, categories, and discounts (tablet only) details: How to Arrange Sale Screen in Loyverse POS - Added split and merge open tickets features details: How to Split an Open Ticket with Loyverse POS, How to Merge Open Tickets with Loyverse POS - Added support for Loyverse CDS (Customer Display System) details: How Loyverse CDS Customer Display Works, Customer Display System Configuration Guide - Added barcode scanning with built-in camera details: Barcodes Scanning by Built-in Device Camera - Added dining options (dine-in, takeout, delivery) details: Dining Options - Added predefined open tickets details: How to Use Predefined Open Tickets - Added support for item variants details: How to Use Variants of Items - Added access to receipts made in offline mode details: Receipts List in the POS - Added access to receipts of other POS devices of the same store details: Receipts List in the POS - Added the option to view and edit item stock quantity details: Displaying the Stock and Cost of Items in the POS - Added suggested cash amounts for quick payment (tablet only) details: How to Make Sales - Added the option to resend receipt to email details: Receipts List in the POS - Added the option to print shift report details: Shift Report with Sales Summary at the POS - Added open ticket name on bills and receipts - Added the option to open cash drawer details: How to Connect a Cash Drawer - Added the option to print customer info and notes in the receipt details: Information about the Customer and Notes in the Receipt The new version of Loyverse POS app for Android will gradually update the old version of the app in a few weeks.

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