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    Recently was released a special section in the Back office with its account settings where you can delete your account by yourself. If you want to delete your account and all your data, you can do it yourself at the Back office. To access the account settings, click on the 'Account' button in the Back Office's main menu. Delete account options at the account profile form available only for the account owner. Deleting accounts require password confirmation for security reasons. More details check here: How to Manage Account Settings in the Back Office.
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    Hi, are there plans to create orders via the API? For example, an online order made via a 3rd party eCommerce website, would need to create an order, so it can be made (i.e. sent to POS and KDS). It would not need to take payment, as that can be done on the website with another payment gateway. All I need is that functionality to list all the items and variations, create a basket via the API and then send an order to the correct store. Please let me know if this is going to be added, and any dates you have, as my client wants to set this up by August 2020. But he will have to move away from Loyverse if the API doesn't have everything, we need to create order apps and delivery apps as well as online ordering. Thanks. Dave.

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