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    You can add categories to a square of the grid too, so when you click on this icon you will see all the items that belong to this category and then select the item you need. I hope this can help.
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    I see, in that case for the Coffee maybe add them in several different categories and then add those categories to the "Coffee" page grid view, with that you can select all your items for the Coffee page
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    Requirement of the Loyverse KDS for iPad is iOS 8.2 or later. For Android is 4.3 or later. A minimal requirement is 7” display and the 600 dp for smallest side of tablet. KDS uses about 1-2 KB of memory per receipt. From time to time, you can clean the receipt archive on KDS to free space. For better visibility, it is recommended to use at least a 10” tablet. The tablet should be positioned in landscape mode.
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    Hello, I have read another post with almost the same doubt that I have regarding inventory tracking of items as modifiers, in my business we work with several composite items that have modifiers either to be added or removed from the product to make a product that is custom made for a customer. For example, a Chicken Hamburguer, usually has our sauce, chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bread, in our modifiers we consider the customer adding more cheese, lettuce or tomato or he might want to remove the sauce, cheese, lettuce or tomato. Is there a simplier way to keep track of the inventory of the modifiers for whatever the reason the customers choices are, not only to keep track of the actual inventory but also to keep track of the actual cost per item delivered to our customers that way we can have a sales report that can accurately give us al the operating costs per store?
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    I think I speak for many when asking for this feature, we need (at least in my case) to have the option to choose if I want to track inventory of the modifiers, or at least that you can pull from an item.

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