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    Hello, You can select only one dining option for a ticket. But, you can create a special dining option: “Dine in/ Take out” and select this dining option when you need it. You can check our all details about dining options here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/dining-options If you need to indicate which meal will the customer dine in and which one they will take out, you can add a comment to these items in the tickets so the staff can distinguish them. The comments in the ticket will look like this: I suggest you to check all details on how to add comments to items here: https://help.loyverse.com/help/customer-info-receipt
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    As I understand it, printers go into groups. And the groups are associated with particular categories of items. So you could have several printers in a 'kitchen' group, all of which print out ordered items if they are in the 'food' category, but not if they are in the 'drinks' category. And then you can have another group of printers called 'bar', which can be associated with the 'drinks' items. So the answer depends on what you want to happen - if you want the two printers to print out the same information, put them both in the same group. If you want them to print different categories of items, create two different groups and put one printer in each group. What you can't do, I think, is have more than one group of printers associated with a particular category of item.
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