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    Loyverse POS gets a high score of users satisfaction 88%, 57 scores of market presence, 4.4 / 5 of user ratings and other parameters. This Point of Sale (POS) Software awards list was published by the software comparison portal Crozdesk.com. It features the best 20 products in 2020 as determined by the unbiased, category-specific Crozscore ranking methodology. This takes into account a product's relevance to the Point of Sale (POS) category and can differ from the product's universal Crozscore. https://crozdesk.com/sales/point-of-sale-pos-software/loyverse-pos
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    Does anyone from loyverse check this thread? Just curious because the development of loyverse seems really slow compared to other apps and after using it for over a year (and paying for the extras) I'm getting a bit fed up of blindly waiting for updates with no clue if what I'm waiting for is even on their radar.
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    The ability to span midnight as 'one day' (or shift) in the Back office statistics. e.g. Our working day starts at 5pm and finishes at 2am the next day. To analyse and gather statistics for the shift, I have to extract the midnight to 2am from the previous day, and add the midnight to 2am from the next day, to see the shift analysis.
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    Hi! Thanks for the great app! I'd like to have couple of new features: - In the back office / sales by item, the ability to sort columns by ascending or descending order (most or least sold item, or margin on each item). As of now, I need to export the sheet and import in excel, then filter the result - Would it be possible to export data to xlsx, pdf and csv as well?   Thanks a lot for your assistance!
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    We are able to amend data (change amount/variables) on current ticket. This function is lost when we are on saved tickets. Personally I feel that the ability to make changes should still be made available on saved tickets. The amount of times we need to make changes on saved tickets are not much less compared to those made on current tickets. Thanks
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    I have the same issue. My staff often have to ask me to edit their orders after they have saved them due to the customer changing their mind. I then split the table, move the items to a new table, void the new table, then reassign back to the staff member. It may be useful to have the ability to change the quantities, and maybe have a slip printed deducting the item as double confirmation of the void which could possibly be signed as confirmation. Just an idea
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