KDS Larger

Does anybody know how to make the KDS screen larger?  I want the font to be bigger to be read like from acorss the room or something? 


I am thinking the same, currently I am using IPAD, however its still ok for small kitchen, bu we tried to use Ipad Extension cable for monitor, the screen and text getting bigger. But I have not found out using the loyverse setting, the other way is setting in your device . 

Thank you for sharing this because I am contemplating using a television connected to a device to display the items.

The kitchen is kind of split into two stations, pizza and everything else, often the orders are combined, but only one person can see a printed ticket. So I have been thinking of mounting a 32" television on a wall everyone can see on the kitchen, then displaying order to a device connected to the TV.

I have wondered what it would look like before having to lay down the cash to set it up.
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