It is too easy to change prices

In case of stores, owners are very sensitive to item prices. However on both the POS app and the back office, it is too easy to edit them. For example, on the POS app, employees can revise the price on the items menu with a couple of touches. On back office they can change the price even with touch misses in the item list page, because it provides a more convenient way. I know the best way is not to give the access to the item list to employees. But it is inevitable with a couple of reasons:

1. Customers frequently ask item stocks. In Loyverse, the only way to check the stock is to access the item list on the back office.

2. An inventory manager (an employee) needs an acess to the inventory management in Loyverse. The access, however, is bound together with the access to the item list, which allows to see, edit, and delete items.

My suggestion is:

1. Separate the acess to the item list from the inventory management, and break the item list access into two: the read-only access and the full access.

2. How about to provide stock checking on the POS app? I think it is very ordinary works in many stores and its access scope to the every employees is also reasonable.


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