Is there a way to put checkbox option before each item on the Kitchen Display System?

So the personnel can check and uncheck the items delivered.


I need this feature too, I am running a coffe and kitchen.

yes i need this feature

1 vote here!

Add another vote from me!  We have many big tables (15+ people) and it would be very nice to tick off each plate as it is completed and ready to deliver.  Mabe even a count down of total left unfinished at the bottom as I have seen on other systems.


Thanks, C

Nice feature to have. WOuld also be great if KDS can difference between starters categorie and main courses cateegory so all starters are grouped first , can be checked when are away and te main course are grouped together and desserts are grouped. when last item is checked ticket is cleared. .

Will these options come available in KDS and loyverse pos? 

Being able to group items by category would be cool.
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For the kitchen display to be useful we really need the option to strike off, items that are ready.


Better yet, if the POS app would know about it and be updated/notified.

Another upvote from me, too!

Is there a chance of getting this feature?
I guess it's the most needed feature for the KDS.

Is there a statement from the excellent developers group? ;)

Can I add another upvote for this feature request, and a more specific use-case?

When Front Of House take an order at our place (and, I imagine, at many others) there is more than one course ordered. Currently we do it on paper like this:

Table: 1
Covers: 2

Bread x 2
- - - - - - - -
Starter A x 1
Starter B x 1
- - - - - - - -
Main A x 1
Main B x 1

So when this comes through to the kitchen, we would like to be able to mark off when the bread is sent out, and again when the starters are sent out, so at a glance we can see that the only thing left to do on the check is the main course. Currently we can't do that, unless we send three separate tickets through to the kitchen (and then they can't all have the same table name).

We'd find it very helpful to be able to touch individual items on the ticket and have them 'cross out' (whereas touching the header moves the whole ticket to the 'done' pile).

It's 2019 and there is still no checkboxes on the kitchen display. I would very much like to have this feature.

We need too this option!

Another "vote" for this request.

Would be REALLY useful to be able to mark off each item as they are sent as well as to clear the entire ticket.  We're finding Loyverse and KDS a brilliant solution generally but the absence of the option to mark off each item as sent is causing us a major headache at the moment.

Yes! This option would be very helpful for orders that have, say, 10 items or more on them. That way, we could keep track of what we've already sent out. Please add this!

YES we absolutely need this feature. We have the same problem. We need a tickbox/cross out to make it easier to work on the screen. We can see what has been done. Please add it

In a busy restaurant with many stations (host starters, cold starters, salads, fryers, grill, etc) it's good to be able to tick-off/clear the dishes that have been served and have the remaining dishes appear on the KDS. We want this, too!
It's not possible to add a checkbox option to check the items once they are ready to eb delivered. It would be interesting to understand your situation a little bit more. Do you run a big restaurant, is there many cooks in your kitchen?
Hi, I do need this feature!! For my situation, my shop is small but if another staff is making drinks, and I am cooking without seeing the staff, I am not sure that the drinks served already or not until ask him/her. So, if the KDS has an option to mark each item as complete, that would be great!! Like a To do list app. Not a check box, just strikethrough.
Thanks for considering. For Android please.
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