Is there a way to break down item and/or category reports by payment type?

Hey there, is there an existing way to easily break down the earnings per item by payment type?

I've been trialing the software at my non-profit organisation where we are using the one POS with Loyverse to facilitate sales of our cafe, bar and grocery items. Our accounts team track how much is made by the cafe, bar and grocery individually, further split into how much each area has made on cash and how much on card.
"Sales by payment type" only seems to show the overall takings per payment type with no per-item or per-category breakdown and the "Sales by item" and "Sales by category" don't offer a "Payment type" field.

This means the only way I can see to figure out how the grocery has made with card sales is to painstakingly look at each receipt for the day and add it up manually.

It seems to me the easiest way to do this would be to add a "Payment type" field to the "Sales by payment type" and "Sales by category" reports so I could find out how much an item / category has sold on cash and on card.

For example, when looking up the Cappuccino item I'd be able to see that we've sold 42 Cappuccinos today, with total net takings being $126, $96 of it being paid for by cash, the other $30 being paid for by card. Same for if I were trying to find out how much of our sales for Wine category are paid for by card and how much by cash.

Is this planned? Have I overlooked this functionality?

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