Is it possible to install Loyverse POS on a PC?

Which emulators would be suggested for use on PC
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If so, what emulator do you use? And please could you tell us whether it's possible to hook it up to a printer and a barcode scanner or not?

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I am using an Andy emulator.
It is built on pure Android 7.1.2; has no ads and is free.

System Requirements:

  • Dual core AMD or Intel CPU with Virutalization support
  • 3Gb of RAM; Andy uses less than 1Gb while running apps
  • At least 10Gb of free disk space
  • GPU with OpenGL 2.1 support
  • Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Ubuntu 14.04+ / OSX 10.8+

Check if your CPU supports Virtualization (aka. VT-x, Intel Virtual Technology, SVM...). In order to do so, you can refer to Intel ARK for Intel CPUs or CPU-World for AMD CPUs.

Once you're in the BIOS interface, look for Virtualization, VT-x, Intel Virtual Technology, SVM, AMD-v or anything that says 'Virtual' and enable it.

press one of the following keys repeatedly until the BIOS Window shows up; F2, F12, Del, ESC or F1

press one of the following keys repeatedly until the BIOS Window shows up; F2, F12, Del, ESC or F1

In order to avoid issues and security flaws, you need to make sure Windows is up to date. To do so, run Windows Update, Check for Updates, then check all available updates.

Download Andy here then run and install, it's that simple!

Andy Launcher allows you to create and manage multiple Andy machines. Think of it as having multiple tablets for different uses. There is no limit to how many machines you can create ex - cept the limit of space on your hard drive, of course.

To install an APK to Andy, simply double click it. If that does not work, place it in the shared folder and install it from within Andy.

To share files between your computer and Andy, you need to place them in the shared folder. The path for which is;

On Windows: %userprofile%\Andy\

On OSX: ~/Documents/Andy/

On Linux: ~/Andy/

You can then find your files in /storage/sdcard0/Shared/Andy/


Andy can use both your camera and microphone. You do not have to do anything special to get this working. However, if you have multiple cameras or multiple microphones attached to your system, you might need to select the one you would like to use. You can do so from Andy's system bar. Just click the appropriate button (Cam or Mic) and pick the camera and microphone you want to use in Andy.



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I use either my Chromebook or Bluestacks. They both work fine.

Yes it is possible 

One of a nice emulator is the welder.

It is set as an add-on on the Chrome browser.



Loyverse POS app created to run on Android and iOS devices.
That is why you have to install on your Windows PC Android emulator Nox App Player.
It can be downloaded from the official website at the link

System Requirements PC:

  • OS - Windows XPx86SP3 / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10;
  • Processor - Intel or AMD with support for virtualization technology;
  • RAM - minimum 512MB;
  • At least 1GB free hard disk space.

The emulator does not support direct connection of devices, so USB or Bluetooth printer or scanner will not work.

After installing the program, you will only need to install the Loyverse POS and use it as on the tablet. Install Loyverse POS app as usual, from the Play Store.

How to install Loyverse POS on Windows?

This is the screen of the main program Nox App Player looks like. To start Loyverse POS app click on its icon.

How to install Loyverse POS on Windows?

There is possible that pictures of items will not be show in the emulator. If you get this situation, you can set the color for your items.

How to install Loyverse POS on Windows?

After that, you need to configure the connection of necessary devices (Printers, Kitchen Display, Customer Display...)

How to install Loyverse POS on Windows?

Do not forget that the connection is possible only inside the same network. And if there are branches of the network, it may be necessary to create another network for pairing the necessary devices.

Loyverse POS App can be installed ONLY on iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet or Android Smartphone.

If you will have a problem with a Loyverse POS app using any Android emulator, the technical support team will not be able to help you.

You can use PC ONLY to enter the Back Office:
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You can try use the Remix OS.

But you need notice that bluetooth not work in proper way

video about Loyverse on PC

video with scanner (comming)

video with USB printer

video with Ethernet printer (comming)

video with KDS on PC

Ethernet printer, USB printer or USB scanner work correctly.

video "start Remix OS with Loyverse POS"
Loyverse POS on the old notebookwith Remix OS

i tried the Remix OS but the touch screen stoped working can you advise me how i can setup the printer through BlueStack (USB or Ethirnet).
I am not sure that the bluestack is suported the usb devices.
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Yes You Can. 

For me I have installed the Loyverse on Remix OS. my printer is Ethernet Printer.

The second option is to install Bluestake Emulator and install the app on it.

I am running and following my business in Saudi Arabia while I am doing my Phd in the Uk. 

This screenshots of Loyverse on Mac by Bluestake 


This is a real Pictures from my running shop.

Loyverse POS works on Android and iOS device. Some people use Apps via emulators such as Bluestacks ( no hardware can be connected using Bluestacks) or RemixOS for PC.

bluestack on PC get a lot of systems resurses. It is not recomended for weak PC.
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I installed Android 5.0 OS on my old ACER netbook, and Loyverse POS works well on it.
Loyverse POS works on Android and iOS device. But I know that some customers use this app via emulators such as Bluestacks (any hardware is not working on Bluestacks) or RemixOS for PC.
Bluestacks has now intergrated hardware. I use USB barcode scanner and Ethernet printer fine now.
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