Is it possible to create automatic combo sales?

Is it possible to create an algorithm so that we create an automatic combo sale for customers as follows:- 

If x buy 1 pastry P + 1 product X  he pays specific product Z at special price instead of normal price? Like when we buy a meal from MCDo


Dear Support, Do you think you can enhance the promotion feature in the POS? Such as, Buy One Get One Free, Buy any six get 30% OFF Buy Digital product and get Free Gift Buy any of Four Items and get one Items Free (Lowest Price Free)
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I would like to set a price modifier with quantity. The idea is that customer get a cheaper price if they buy higher quantity of the same item. The discount combo varies for different item, thus i cannot use the current discount feature which applies a flat rate discount . Using variable discount feature might work but i need to manually key in the discount amount for different item. 

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Is it possible to create a combo offer based on the following rationale:-

Buy a Coke for X.00 instead of 2X.00 on your ticket amount of 100x.00 or more.

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Say I offer my guests a drink at Rs 90 (Original price is Rs 150) with every purchase of a Pizza, where only one drink is offered at a discounted price for each Pizza.
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Do you track item for this products? if not you can use Modifier, I use for my drink product, buy 1 is Rp.30.000 Buy 2 is Rp.55.000

Hello. At this time Loyverse doesn't have that feature, but it's planned to realization in the future.

I think you need to create a separate drink for this as a modifier.

For pizza as item, you need to create a drink as modifier

For example, I use it for Americano as item and milk and sugar as modifiers. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok