Is it possible to add store credit sale function to this app

"The shop can use store credit as deposit payment. A regular customer can prepay a certain amount of money couple times a month and later use it to buy goods without prior payment. It is convenient for both the store and the customer.

Also, store credit can work like a gift card or bonus points. Sometimes store credit is compared with account sale."

I like this approach. Would be really good if this feature becomes available. It is useful to handle foreigners who can be given a gift card (avoiding currency exchange each time)
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Store Credit sounds very useful and everything. However.. how can I find this store credit function in the app and the backstore? I can't find any articles about how to actually get to use it. I know the "loyalty" program and its "points", but I don't know any store credit in the app. It would be great if somebody helps me out in this matter.

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Is a good suggestion!

Could you give more details about how would you like to use a store credit function?

As I know Loyverse wants to develop such option so any feedback from users would be valuable.

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