Information (reason text) on refund ticket

1. Please could you consider putting a "Comment" Field on the Refund Ticket. We would like to use this field to have some record as to why a refund was issued. 

2. It would also be useful to include a reference to the original Receipt No. that the refund was issued against. Only an Order No. is referenced, but this seems only to apply if the item category has bee assigned to a kitchen printer



I can see no way to add reason codes or "just a bit of text" to refunds.

Also, how do i reconcile refunds against purchases.  I cannot see the corresponding sale for a refund



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I see with Loyverse Android Beta 2.0 the initial sales receipt no. is now referenced on the Refund ticket in 'red'. This very good news as it now makes it easy to find the sales receipt.

We still however need a field for Reason for refund uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok