Include Seconds in Open Ticket Timestamp

Our business uses the open ticket feature for some of our orders in order to get the kitchen order processed asap. This is usually where the customer is paying by card and could take some time to process payment. We use the default : Ticket - "timestamp" for the Order Number but as you can see it is possible to have the same timestamp for 2 different orders placed in the same minute interval. This is not the case when payment is processed without an open ticket created. In this case a unique order number is created by the system. As an improvment It is requested that the seconds value be included in the open ticket timestamp to differentiate orders processed in the same "minute" period.

I have a gif file showing examples but am unable to load it here

In Loyverse Kitchen Printers help site there is an example where both Kitchen order number #0215-01-02 and timestamp Ticket 01:48 PM appear on the Open Ticket. How is achieved as I can only get the timestamp on the Ticket. If both can be be displayed this would solve the problem as the order number generated would be unique and prevent a possible duplicate order.
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Sorry a correction to my previous comment. I have established that on the printed Kitchen Ticket both the Order Number and the Timestamp are in fact displayed. However on the Receipt only the Timestamp is displayed under Order if created as an Open Ticket. Therefore 2 orders processed in the same minute interval will have the same order - as the 2 Timestamps will be the same. The customer is required to produce their receipt to collect an order and use the Order to cross reference the Kitcken Ticket Order. This could result in the incorrect order being handed over. It is therefore suggested that both Timestamp and Kitchen order number be on the receipt or or as a minimum only Kitchen order number. E.g. #0126-01-07

As mention before this works correctly where it is not an Open Ticket. Both Receipt and Kitchen Orders have the Order Number
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If using Open Tickets wouldn't be better to add customer name as the open ticket name? This will make it easier to hand over the order to the right customer.

I began doing this last weekend. Works like a dream. When taking the order, we save the ticket as custom, ask for the customers name, and save it under their name.
It is a fast serving service, similar time as Starbucks, and they use the same process by calling out the name when the order is ready for collection. Works like a dream.
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The problem is some of our staff's home language is not English and there pronunciation of names can be very confusing as well as the spelling of names is sometimes way off. This is why an automated order numbering system works for us. Typing a name strangely could slow down our order queue. We sell pizzas and we could do 3 or more orders in a minute from same POS at times. Thank you for your suggestion though and am glad it works for you.

I did notice that with Loyverse Android version 1.51 both the Receipt and the Kitchen Order Ticket had the system generated Order Number with Open Tickets. This changed from Version 2 onwards. Maybe someone from Loyverse can comment on the reason for this change. It works perfectly for us on Ver 1.51 but we don't want to be tied to an old version and not benefit from the improvements
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