I want to make a specific discount on the item, like a modifier but that will deduct price


Good day.

Our shop also offer discounts depending on how many pieces they bought from our shop.

Sample retail price is Php250.00 (Philippine Peso).

If they buy 3pcs, the price will be Php225.00

If they buy 6pcs, the price will be Php205.00


You can use modifiers, just use negative signs.

Modifier: Php250.00

Name: 3pcs Discount

Price: -25.00

Name: 6pcs Discount

Price: -45.00

and so on.


Hope this helps. :)

There are two types of discount in Loyverse POS: ‘Percentage’ and ‘Amount’. Amount discount works as a modifier but deduces price of the item for a certain amount. 

Details about discounts you can check in the help article How to Create and Configure Discounts.

I have the same issue !
It would be convenient to apply a discount on an item instead of on the sales screen.

For example :

Every year we have "hot deals" periods and we apply a discount depending on the item sold.
The Idea would be to export items and apply discounts regarding the hot deals conditions without modifying the sale price and import the file back with discounts (like a modifier switch).

After the period of hot deals, another export of items and a reset of discounts to go back to normal prices.

Thanks for your help.
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