I want my modifiers to subtract from my stock

I want my modifiers to be subtracted from my stock ?  and i want to know what are the best accounting systems could be linked with Loyverse ?

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Modifiers does not subtract stock

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The way you want to set it up would be a very cumbersome way. Much easier ways to do this.

Unfortunately, now it is not possible to track stock of modifiers. But soon Loyverse will release the functionality of variants for items. So, each item may have different options (such as size, color, etc.). For each variant, it would be possible to set different price and stock. So, selling item variants will reduce the stock.
Beginner here! Is this feature available now? (Wasn’t sure date of question answered) If not available, is there a way to enter different sizes to 1 item? If not, should I create a new item for every single size piece of clothing? I’m a small retail shop so this feature is pretty vital. Thanks for any help! Oh, if this feature isn’t available, is there a timeframe that it will become available? Thanks!
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Will be available in a few days. First on iOS devices. On Android will come in a month.
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Is this feature available on ios yet? You said a few days, as I am also unsure as to when this answer was posted... 1/28/18
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