I need hex code for logo printing on receipt for TM-T20ii all other suggestions listed not working



Using the hex code posted here (1D,28,4C,06,00,30,45,20,20,01,01 ) it does pull a logo with key code 32 32, but it loses the aligjnment of the image and stops any data from printing after the hex code is processesd.  Does anyone know how to centre align the logo and have any ideads why the following data doesnt print?  

Many thanks


For my logo I resized it to match the pixel width of the paper. So it didn't need to be centered. The image was as wide as the paper.

You can either scale up or just add white space to the image sides till it fits in the middle.

Hope that helps.
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Ok I've found that by adding 1B,61,01 to the start of the hex code it centre aligns the logo. Still trying to figure out why any following data doesn't print. It almost seems like the string is sending some sort of stop command.
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Thank you that worked.  The logo is now printing on my receipt but at the moment it is aligned left. Is there a code change you may know to centre the logo. Your help is very much appreciated

Hex 1D,28,4C,06,00,30,45,20,20,01,01 for Epson logo key code Decimal 32,32


could you explane, what did you do?

Step by step.

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