I created a script to import all your Loyverse products with stock count into Woocommerce

Hi world, Many small stores also have a webshop. It's a real problem to manually keep your stock in sync with the real store. I managed to create a way to export your Loyverse item list, and upload all your Loyverse items into Woocommerce including variants and the stock amounts. all you have to do is to manually assign an image in Woocommerce.

You will need to purchase a Woocommerce plug for this to work here (140 dollars): (i know its expensive for a plugin, but it's the best money I have ever spend on a plugin, really worth the price)

and after that you need to create an import with a template file you can download from me here:

and you need to paste this code in the function editor of the wpallimport plugin:


next, upload your Loyverse item list CSV file to your Woocommerce wp all import plugin and you are ready to go. I upload everyday the item list to Woocommerce to update the stock of Woocommerce.

You can also do this automatically with a cron job but i like to do it manually.

let me know if you have questions or you need a video how to do it.


That's the best importer I found for Woo as well.  Thank you for sharing the script!

I think it is a great job and such feature need many users. Thank you for your passion!

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