How to setup items for a cocktail bar?

Hi. I want to set up the cocktail menu for a bar on Loyverse. The way I understand the tutorial there are a few options on how to set it up. I wonder if someone here has some experience on more or less elegant solutions.

I will describe my question with an example: Gin & Tonic

I assume I register all spirits as shots (not bottles) - so 500 cl bottle makes 10 shots. The item is "Gin, shot" and I calculate the price for one shot...

We have 5 different gins and 3 different tonics. That would make 8 buttons. 

If I use "variants" I could reduce that to two buttons: one called "Gin" (with the variant "label" and a list of all label; and one "Tonic" (with a similar variant category and 3 options)

A composite works with both I recon!? Is there a difference in how these items appear on the reports? Anyone happy with his setup?

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