How to set a tax that is not affected by a discount?

When I give a discount the tax is reduced, but the tax should not be reduced it should remain the same and the discount added on after the taxes. Because we still have to pay the government the initial taxes or we can get a fine. There can be no discount on tax only on the item. 

Your question is difficult to understand. All is connected to each other. If the tax is sales tax (VAT), You pay tax on the actual sales (money you make), not the price tag you put on the product. And if the tax is % and the price of the product changes, the tax also changes. If the price of the product is 10 and the tax is 20%, your product price tag is 12 (and tax is 2). If you apply a discount 40% on Your product, the product price is 7.2 and the tax on this is still 20%, but 1.2 bucks. Tax is calculated on actual sales, not potential sales.
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I have the same problem/question. Yooo hoop, Loyverse????
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John here is a link to Ontario Retail sales tax. I’m not an accountant so I hope you can find the info on this link. If not I can dig further and see what I can find.


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