How to make tax amount based on price before giving discount?


My company is a wholesaler for mobile phone credits scratch cards.

For example, on a Rs. 50 card (final customer price):

1. there is VAT of 15% (Rs. 6.53) so that price excl VAT is Rs. 43.47

2. we have to give 5% discount to retailers (Rs. 2.17)

3. So when selling Rs. 50 scratch card to a retailer, the POS receipt should show

=> Rs. 43.47 - 2.17 (5% disc) + 6.53 (VAT on amount before disc) = Rs. 47.83

I have tried to do that but at the moment, Loyverse is calculating the tax amount on the discounted price.

Is there a workaround for this calculation?

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