How to delete the void receipts?

1.How to delete the void receipts? to give a manual discount? to deduct the stock,? If 1 menu item contains 3 item inside?  

At the back office, if 1 menu item related to 3 or more item, that only counts about Cost? Not to deduct the stock? If there is a selling? 


1. There are two options:

1.) Refund (we recommend this for saving time)

2.) Send an email to (We can only delete your test receipts once)

How to Delete Receipts

2. You can manually set up your discount on the POS:

Go to the discount section and click OK.

Click OK

Click on the add button

Click on the add button

Leave the input field empty for manual configuration and save

manual configuration discount

Choose the products you need

Choose the products

Click on the discount section, your discount appears

the discount section

Choose the necessary amount of discount

necessary amount of discount

and charge




Also, please check here:


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