How I can configure Loyverse on a SUNMI V1 device to allow me to print?

I wanted to say hello and ask how I can configure LOYVERSE on a SUNMI V1 device to allow me to print. I already installed the app but I have not managed to print it. I appreciate your help that with respect to what we talked about in past days, I want to sell to my clients the app with a device that I am distributing in Colombia. which are SUNMI brand. They are ideal and the idea is to offer them with the device.


We have released a new version of App - 2.07. Please update it on your SUNMI POS device and do the following:
In the Advanced settings for printer delete the settings for Cash drawer (leave that field balnk) and try to print the receipts.
We are looking forward to your feedback. 

Hi James Lavud. Right now I have Sunmi T1 Mini, and i just have one problem and it is print receipts. Just updated till V. 2.07. Any ideas to print? Thank you!
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