How do you manage delivery orders?

Loyeverse has not delivery options, but is there any way to work it out? How do you do and what was your experience?

The nature of our business is the delivery of fresh produce. Here's what we at Shop Se7en did - We added an item called • Delivery (we put the little dot so it would appear at the top of our list every time and added a little car icon for style) 
Then we put in the unity cost of delivery as $1 - this now is the unit rate per KM of distance which is the rate for delivery (that is the unit we use here in the Caribbean) The further you are away, the more we put in and we use Google maps to give us an accurate distance to the location. 

Hey dev team, is there any way to add delivery cost (flexible rate) in total cost?

Hey hi there!
There is no delivery feature, it would be nice if one could be added. However here's what you can do:
-Add a delivery item in Loyverse either $0 or at the cost of your delivery service
-When saving your ticket, in the comments section you can add the delivery address and print the ticket for the delivery man.

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