How do I activate a printer buzzer?


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You could also watch the youtube video how it works with iOS Loyverse POS to print receipt , print bill, print kitchen order, open cash drawer, activate the buzzer and light prompt.


Below is a general view of the command for the printer buzzer, if it is supported by the printer: 1B, 42, n, t Where 1 <= n <= 9, the number of beeps 1 <= t <= 9, the length of the sound (it's not in seconds, it's just the preset value) 1 - short beep, 9 - long beep You can type it in the initialization command line, and then the printer will beep before printing the receipt Example: 1B, 42, 09, 02 In this example, the printer will quickly beep 9 times ** only for ESC/POS printers. It does not fit for STAR family printers. Look like that's it) uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok