How did you replace loyalty functions / customer feedback from LoyaltyOcean

What steps did you do to replace the customer feedback system that existed in the previous versions/Loyalty Ocean?

Currently I'm scratching my head as there is no way to engage customers, customers can't see point balance, etc. 

Is there any plan for a replacement app or functionality with loyalty ocean? It was great medium to connect directly with customers with balance inquiry and most important feedback. And also it's qr code scanning for customer id.



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It is very difficult for us that our customers cannot really see their balance of points, they call or ask online how many points they have, YES they can see it in their last email but it's really a hassle for them so they just ask us. We give out specials for people with more than 10 points for example etc etc. But now it's making it really really hard :(

Hi Joseph! When I was chatting with Loyverse I asked about the LoyaltyOcean matter and other subjects to my buisness. All I know is that Loyverse was planning an update to their Android app and their system. I do not know if they will add feature requests, but I do know they are updating soon. Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time and effort to answer :)
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Loyverse Support said that "Currently we are not working with a loyalty app and are not planning to intergrate or create an app."

However, I do not work for Loyverse so I do not know about a replacement app. I will live chat with them because I have the same question. I will leave you the awnser.

What Loyverse did was that they got rid of the "Scan" and "Feedbacks" Feature due to GDPR regulation and LoyaltyOcean being discontinued. Your customers are still in the database and you can still use the loyalty program. You just have to enter their phone, email or name instead of scanning LoyaltyOcean app. The loyalty program works just how it was. They earn points to spend. You cannot use the feedbacks feature, notifications, or app receipt. You can still use the email receipt and printed receipts. I use the receipt to go to an online survey for feedbacks. I just use one code for the survey and when the survey is done they write it down, and the cashier sees if the code is the same one that is always used. Here are some photos on what I am talking about. 

Thank you bhstore for sharing your customer feedback practices.

If you don't mind, do your customers always inquire about their points balances? I'm operating a small service business and my customers are price/money/points sensitive and they keep track of their balances.

l placed a feature request for points balance printing in the receipt.
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Hey Joseph! I accidentally wrote a new answer instead of commenting. Sorry!
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You are welcome
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