How can I print the logo on the printer?

am facing an issue with printting my logo in the reciept even after adding the image in back office,,, kindly help ...

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i cannot seem to download bmp to nv logo. i use the program called Iprinter.exe from the disc that is included in the box. when i click download nv logo it says "logo downloaded successfully" but when i click print nv logo nothing happened. help please

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I'm trying to print my logo on receipts. I uploaded the logo in the Back office but it didn't work for my BT printer (POS5802LN). Any hint?

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Now Android POS also can print logos on the receipts for this you need to add the logo in receipt settings in the Back Office.


Hello. Which printer you use? On which device (Android or iOS)?

With the new update Loyverse for Android supports printing a logo on the receipts. For that you only need to upload your logo image from Loyverse Back Office, at settings page in the Receipts section.

Hi! Just be sure that you use POS for iOS to print receipts. With POS for Android it doesn't work yet

Having the same issue with similar POS-5802LN model Printer, tried a few suggestions but nothing works so far 


So if I understood your question correctly, you ask how to add a graphic logo to a receipt?

Please check on our help page:

Well, We develop this tool (a simple android app which can be installed on your android phone/pad) which you can download your logo into our printer very easily.

When a customer chooses our printer, the apk will go with printer in CD  or will be sent to the customer via E-mail.

Please watch this video,  it will show you how to download your logo into our printer and print it out in front of a receipt using Loyverse POS. 

If you are interested in our printer, please contact us via:


skype: endless5201

whatsapp: 008618503022541



I followed the same process for TM20I but the logo is not coming on receipts, any solution.

Loyverse POS currently not offers the possibility to add your grafical logo at the head of the paper receipt, but you can do it by using the ESC/POS command  for your printer.

1. Load the a grafical logo in your printer from PC unilites for your printer. Usially utilites you can find on CD disk from package or download from manufacturer site. (Some manufacturer have mobile application which allow to load logo from the mobile devices, for example Seiko Epson Corporation have Epson TM Utility which allow to upload even logo )

How can I print the logo on the printer?How can I print the logo on the printer?

How can I print the logo on the printer?

2. In the Loyverse POS app, please choose "Other model" as your printer model,








and in "Advanced Settings"  at the field "Initialization ESC/POS commands", please type 1C,70,01,00

How can I print the logo on the printer?

How can I print the logo on the printer?

3. Of course, please do not forget push the "Save" button.

4. That it is. Enjoy!

Ok, I Got it to work. By entering the following code in the Initial ESC/POS Command section under Advanced Settings. (For the EPSON TM-m30 in Hexadecimal 1C,28,45,06,00,3E,02,20,20,31,00 I used the print command on this page as reference And specifically this PRINT OPTION So accordingly you can change and adjust for your specific printer. Just remember to use HEX values for everything. They Keycodes can be found in the logo stored in TM Utility
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"So you mean I have to add this code 1D,28,4C,06,00,30,45,20,20,01,01 instead of 1C,70,01,00 Do I have to replace 20,20 for 32,32 ??"
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To print a logo, you first need to upload the it to your printer. You need to use the software for your printer and PC. Then in the Loyverse POS app, you must choose "Other model" as your printer model, and in Advanced settings -> Initialization ESC/POS commands field, and type 1C,70,01,00 This instructions are only for ESC/POS printers. It is not suited for STAR family printers.
Oh thanks for the info
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What about if transmit the Star printer for ESC-POS mode?
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and what is the app name to upload the logo, i'm using android and zjiang portable bluetooth thermal printer. thank u so much uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok