How can I lose weight, while working in cafe and being an owner there (24/7 food around me, which I should not eat because of diet)?


You can't.  Best to realize it now and open a vape shop instead.  Then you can get addicted to sucking on juice and whatever other crap that stuff is.

You need to establish strict principles about meals (and not only meals) at the work, if you do it, you will achieve your goal. I know some people, who don't smoke during the work shift for certain reasons, and they've been successful at it.

But you need to respect some rules and after the work, don't seek a lot of meals after work, especially on evening time.

That's not an easy task :) especially if you are 24/7 are surrounded by the food you like... But if you really want to loose weight - then no doubts - only strict diet and take allowed food (like salads and fruits with you, to have something allowed to eat). uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok