How can I delete test sales?

I have been playing with Loyverse learning how it works so have already inputted it with useless data and test entries. I don't want those entries to skew my real data. Is there any way of bulk deleting all of that or is the easiest way to just re-register a new account?

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I don't think you can delete a sale, however, you can reverse a sale by refunding it. I know it could affect your reporting by increasing the number of refunds. 


I wish if there is a better way even if it is for mgmt users.

It's impossible to delete sales receipts by yourself. The usual way is to do a refund if you need to correct a sale.

But the Loyevrse team can help you to erase your test receipts, in case you've been testing the app and you would like to start anew before going live.

You need to send them an email to and ask them to do it.


Loyverse staff can help you to delete test sales in order to start again from zero. Is this what you need? The only requirement is to write to Here you can find more details about what to do:

Hi! Yes it's possible to reset the test sales. You have to send your request to the Loyverse team, here you can find out how:

See you!

Hi! Yes, well you need to ask the Loyverse Team to delete your sales data. I believe you need to send an email to asking them to remove the sales. They only do it once so make sure you finished all your testing. When i did it they replied inmediatly and I could quickly start using the app for real. For the rest of the data such as inventory you can delete it or modify it by yourself from the Back Office. If it's too much work then you can just create a new account for convenience. I hope this helps. Welcome to the Community!
If you have finished the testing mode, Loyverse manager can delete all the receipts in your account. Please write specifically to from the business owner's email. When this is done, please also let them know in the support chat, and Loyverse's support team will delete your receipts upon request within a few hours. Next time, you can simply refund the purchase. While it won't remove a sale from your history, refunding the transaction will balance your books. You can check out our help center for details on how to process a refund.
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