Help with ESC/POS commands for Epson TM-T81 "almost" working via USB on Android

I'm not sure if anyone has tried and I know it is not in the supported printer list but think I almost have this working with an OTG cable and Samsung tablet.

I'm hoping that someone can suggest editing the ESC/POS command values to correct the problems I am having.

Firstly, the test print works perfectly on the settings below and autocuts. The "Open Cash Drawer" command works properly.

I can get it to print correctly with advanced settings Graphics mode, 64mm print width, 180 dpi, default ESC/POS commands (Cutter 1D,56,42,00 and Drawer 1B,70,00,19,FA) however the autocutter does not work and there isn't enough feed at the bottom to tear it off without manually feeding. If the print width is set to 72mm, the right column disappears but the autocutter does work.

Also the settings will not keep the 64mm print width - if I save the settings and go back it has returned to 72mm. Syncing or signing out does not help.

None of the settings result in the cash drawer opening when printing but the "Open Cash Drawer" still works.

I'm hoping someone may be able to suggest different ESC/POS commands to help. I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.

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