Feature request: Auto-discount applied on certain items.

We have Maximum Retail Price of items and also Sale Price on many items. Most times, the sale price would be less than the maximum retail price. So, if we entered the item price in Loyverse as Maximum Retail Price, we would have to manually enter the discount at the time of creating the ticket. It is very difficult. If we entered the sale price in Loyverse, then we don't get to show the customer that the item had an MRP of an amount and that they have received a discount on that product. So, would request an option to have auto-discount (% or flat value) applied to certain items.


+1 for this. Auto discounts is the way forward but at this point i'd settle for any improvement in how loyverse handles discounts.

Apparently it's been added to the list of things to look at but won't be implemented any time soon.


+1 to the feature request, this is a must in retail. During sale events, we are unable to give exact discounts on each item when there are multiple items in the ticket. In these cases, auto-discounts would work best.

In which cases will the discount for certain items be included? Or do you want to be able to choose one of the two prices of a particular item during the transaction?

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