Exclude products from discount

like when you want to give an overall/coupon discount, you don't have to worry about the excluded from discount products


@WSL, didn't know that, it's a better way so thanks for the advice

You can also remove discounts from individual items in the ticket.  So you can place the discount on the ticket and then remove it from the individual items.

But I agree with the original poster, it would be nice to have more control over discounts - like to be able to specify what catgories or items the discounts applies to.

that is what I'm also missing, that's why it is a feature request

because if you would have to add the discount individually to more than 10(say 50) discounted items it would be a day job

I may be missing something, but from what I have seen, we can only add a discount to the whole ticket OR add discounts to individual items. I have not seen an exclude from discount option. So if you have 15 items and 5 of them are excluded from the discount, you would have to add the discount individually to the 10 discounted items.

Again, it is very possible that I am missing something that makes exclusions possible.


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