Edit Tickets Once they're Saved

We're able to edit Ticket by removing items or  adding items.

But once a ticket is saved. And out of 4 Burgers client changes one of the burgers. We cannot reduce the quantity from 4 to 3. We've to remove all 4 burgers and add a new 3 Burgers.

Also if after saving the ticket, the customer requests not to put veggies in his burger, we cannot edit the modifiers. We've to remove the item altogether and add a new one.

Is there a way around


I agree on this feature. Hoping to include this feature in update. 

I agree, it should be possible to edit saved tickets.  I would like to think it will be a feature in future versions.


Heres hoping.

i agree we should be able to amend the quantity on any saved tickets.

We are able to amend data (change amount/variables) on current ticket. This function is lost when we are on saved tickets.

Personally I feel that the ability to make changes should still be made available on saved tickets. The amount of times we need to make changes on saved tickets are not much less compared to those made on current tickets.


I have the same issue. My staff often have to ask me to edit their orders after they have saved them due to the customer changing their mind.

I then split the table, move the items to a new table, void the new table, then reassign back to the staff member.

It may be useful to have the ability to change the quantities, and maybe have a slip printed deducting the item as double confirmation of the void which could possibly be signed as confirmation.

Just an idea

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