Duplicate Orders with Open Tickets

With Loyverse Android 2.08 it is possible to have the same order number for 2 different customers if the sale is done in the same minute interval. This creates a big problem when serving staff have to collect the right order from the kitchen was they use the order on the receipt to reference the kitchen order. This problem only occurs with OPEN TICKETS - see example below.

If OPEN TICKET is NOT used then a unique order number is always generated regardless if the sale is done in the same minute interval or not.

Why can't the default order number for OPEN TICKETS be the SAME as for NON OPEN TICKETS i.e #2016-15-21 format instead of Ticket 7:03PM format.

If the "second" value be included in the Order timestamp this would also avert duplicate orders.

It would be appreciated if this issue be addressed as it creates a lot of confusion with our staff especially where 2 different order formats are being used. There was no problem with versions 1.xx , only with 2.xx

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