Do you have any plans for fiscal printer support in Loyverse POS?

In the country where we operate we have to issue fiscal receipts to customers. So far Loyverse isn't supporting any Fiscal Printer, which is a big problem for us because we have to use a secondary dedicated equipment solely to print fiscal receipts, which makes it complicated and difficult to maintain full accuracy. Do you have any plans for Fiscal Printer support? Otherwise, Loyverse App is great!

Hello Again, After checking with people in charge who distribute and support fiscal printers, i found that there is a small programe/code that needs to be added to the software for it to be able to work with the fiscal printer. Here is the link: Please let me know if you will do something about this. Best, P.
Hello, Yes, supporting of fiscal devices is very interesting. Interesting from which country you are? I know that few European countries use Fiscal printers as well as Central America and Brazil and few African countries as well. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok