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  3. Dear Team, Greetings from POS SCAN COMPUTER LLC We would like to request a little bit customization required to separate the quantity and the prices in different columns(sample attached), instead of showing under the item name. This is requested by many of customer's/ client for the same. We are really happy if we can have the same. Please look into this we are looking forward to have this future asap. Regards, Pos Scan Team
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  5. Have you checked if the Loyverse POS app is updated to the latest version in all the POS devices that you are currently using?
  6. Hola, Si usa el Inventario avanzado, puede agregar proveedores al sistema Puede agregar los proveedores desde la sección Back-office-> Inventario avanzado-> Proveedores-> Agregar proveedores. Complete la información y guarde su proveedor. Cuando tengas una suscripción activa para Inventario Avanzado, en la ficha de artículos a la que hayas activado la opción “Seguir el Inventario” verás los dos campos adicionales: -Proveedor principal: puede asignar un determinado proveedor para el artículo de la lista de proveedores -Costo de compra por defecto- es el
  7. ALRAJ is a family business based in Burundi. They went into the business a couple of years ago as a single store selling cement and now they are distributors of building materials with 2 different locations. We reached out to them and Raj, the manager of the company, and was able to set up a meeting. Could you tell me more about how you started your business? Our business is a family business. My parents started this business. In Africa, particularly in Burundi, many of the businesses are informal businesses. Meaning, everything is all over the place, inventories, sales, and accounting as
  8. HI, We plan on having multiple stores managed on a single POS device, and also using Shifts for cash management. Eg. One store open in morning, employee then moves to other store open in the afternoon. Both stores have separate floats, but will be run from the same device. Is the some kind of prompt to prevent an employee logging out without closing the shift? I noticed in the user guide that shift history is coming to Android "soon". Is there any indication of timeframe for this feature to be available in Android?
  9. こんにちは。ご質問ありがとうございます。 現在のところ、Loyverse POSは自動釣銭機等には対応しておりません。 よろしくお願いいたします。
  10. Is there a model that can be connected to an automatic or self-service change machine? Please let me know the name of the model that can be connected. If you can tell me how to set it up, I would appreciate it.
  11. 自動釣銭機やセルフ釣銭機と接続できますでしょうか また出来る場合は、どの機種が接続可能でしょうか 接続にはどのような設定が必要でしょうか
  12. En el Inventario Avanzado es posible asignar una mercancía a determinado proveedor para poder hacer un inventario por proveedor asignado? Necesito poder hacer inventarios por Categoria de producto y por proveedor...
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  14. Hello. Loocks like that you have different setting of displaying dates, times, and and other measurements on your devices. Back office expose data in the format taken from the regional (country) settings of the device. Please, check them on your device and make them proper.
  15. Not sure who's idea it was to change the reports to start the week on a Sunday but it sucks... How can this be changed And don't say you need to change the language settings in Chrome because I have done that and it's bunkum.
  16. thanks for the quick reply - our issue is that the recepit printer needs to 4 meters away from the tablet and cash draw (it will be printing our tickets for a Barista next to the coffee machine) the drinks our made, given to the customer along with the recepit - and their is no way to run a long USB cable from the printer to the cash draw.
  17. Hello. You can connect the cash drawer to the receipt printer only by wire (through RJ11 type connector). Please, check how to connect a cash drawer. You can connect the receipt printer with a mobile device with Loyverse POS via Bluetooth. Please, check the tutorial: How to Set Up Bluetooth Receipt Printer with Loyverse POS Note, that with iOS device could be connected only printers from the supported printers list.
  18. Will be using Apple Air 2 as the tablet - will be using a recomended blue tooth printer as the printer needs to be away from the cash draw - question is if using a blue tooth printer will the cash draw open if connected by blue tooth rather than a usb cable - also what is the best card reader to use with this system? Rgd's Gary
  19. Lock & Co Hatters Lock & Co Hatters, 1676 The oldest shop in London is at the heart of Mayfair and makes and sells hats.
  20. Hi, I have the same problem here like Jimlefoodtruck and I did not understand, how he solved the problem. My problem is, that most of my products is food and some beer. Food in restaurant is taxed with 7.7% IF SERVED IN RESTAURANT. But the same food item IN TAKE AWAY is taxed with 2.5%. Beer is taxed in restaurant with 7.7% and also with 7.7% in Take away. How do I have to set this up? Thank you for your kind help. Best regards, Patrick
  21. Hello, dear Muhammad Unfortunately, no. Even though we cannot implement it right now, but if we get similar suggestions from other users, we can consider implementing it in the future. If you will have other suggestions on how to improve Loyverse POS, please leave them for our team, here: https://loyverse.town/forum/29-feature-requests/
  22. Please add SKU to PO PDF!! I tried ordering through the PO (Purchase ordering) system to our biggest wholesaler, yet the PDF does not transfer the vital information which is SKU and Quantity. When downloading the CSV, all of the variables are in one row and is difficult to read. This means that we cannot use this system for ordering.
  23. A customer loyalty program is a powerful marketing strategy that rewards loyal customers that frequently engage with your brand. By rewarding their recurring engagement you are building better relationships with your customers, which eventually leads to optimizing their loyalty and ensuring growth for your business. By giving your loyal customers coupons and discounts, you are also expressing your thanks to them and how much you appreciate that they choose your store. Aside from being an efficient business tactic, loyalty programs are one of the most significant ways to express your love for y
  24. Thank you for your reply. As requested, I have attached two documents. One which outlines the elements what we are now required to have on our receipts and the other is the developers guide for TaxCore. It would be really great if we could get this working as many companies are struggling to become compliant due to the high cost and complexity of other POS solutions which have already gained accreditation. Loyverse has been great in our testing, in terms of simplicity and functionality and I think it has the potential to gain a lot of new customers in our region (many coming from phy
  25. Hallo in die Runde, gibt es irgendwie eine Anleitung inzwischen? Ich finde leider auch überhaupt keine Information, wie die TSE von EPSON angesprochen werden soll? Nur ein "Druck" auf den Drucker wird ja nicht genügen? Danke vielmals, Heiko
  26. Hi, Only just setting up my system and looking into printer options. I am considering buying an android package which comes with terminal, printer and cash drawer. Only thing though is the printer is not listed on Loyverse. I wanted to check as I know some people have been able to get other printers working. The printer details are SBV-80B2-USE 80mm Thermal Printer. Has anyone used it or does anyone know if I will be able to get it working?? Thanks in advance
  27. Hello, Thank you for your question. Loyverse API has ability to -Export receipt -receipts.update webhooks But if you want to print QR code on receipt printed from Loyverse, it is not possible. Could you also give me some more information about TaxCore such as official document of the requirement?
  28. I suggest if we can have an option to include SKU's when printing Receipt. It would be beneficial especially to those having a multiple store.
  29. A number of countries in our region (Fiji and Samoa) have adopted a tax monitoring system called TaxCore made by the company DTI. To comply with the new regulations, all companies must transmit receipts to the tax authority for audit and provide customers with a fiscal receipt which includes a number of elements including a QR code which validates the receipt is legitimate. We are looking to hire a developer to integrate loyverse POS system with the new tax system, however not being a developer myself, I would like to know if the loyverse API currently has the capability to do this, befor
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