Disable refund after shift closing

Refund of item should be disable after shift end or the day has passed


Thank you for detailes! I will let team know about this. By the way, how many stores do you have?

I assume end shift vould be use for end of the day or maybe whoever in-charge of store have accounted the money and stock.

example; for cafe or fastfood chain, an food item may not be refund after the next day or a few days later. Even for electronic item, company from different country have different refund/return policy. 

The other problen may face is cash drawer may not have enough physical cash to refund from the drawer.

 it can also prevent thef from internal stuff who keep refunding previous day transaction.


Interesting request. Could you why this would be helpful for you so that i can send your suggestion to development team?

Unauthorized staff should not be able to issue refunds of any kind in my opinion. At least not without an authorized member of staff present. A simple pin protection feature would work for this.
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