Customer credit / deposit account (House account)

A few questions on this quite popular feature request:

1. Would you like to reward customer with loyalty points at the time of "On account" purchase? Or when customer actually makes deposit? Or it does not matter?

2. Should any employee be able to create house accounts for a customers with 0$ credit limit (meaning each customer by default able only to make deposits, i.e. upfront payment). And the option to change credit limit should require special access rights?

3. Do you need an option to refund deposits? If so, how important is this feature for you?

Yes, all these advantages are important to us. You must add the payment feature of the creditor. And payment later.
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I have been doing this for two businesses already and have been just inventing new forms of payment so i can track it.  

but please, this feature will be very useful, and important for all my businesses!

yes, we need this, 

and also a price matrix system which automatically adds discount when a preset quantity is reached, like Microsoft Dynamics

the only two thing i found loyverse lacking

i agree.. customer deposit feature would be sooo greatt... pluss.. please add customer qr code in order to create a member card. so.. when the customers pay, they just need to scan their member card.. and pay with their deposit.. thanks

Hi,  we need this feature too.

Hi, we loved the App but were disappointed to findout that it doesn't Support Credit Sale. We at times sell products on credit and our customers make payments in agreed time frame ( either partial or full). So we would appreciate if Credit Sale option is made available with reminders (via email / SMS) to customers when the due date approaches or if he is late. There is an App "Momobills" that has this option but misses out on all the other good things that Loyverse offers. With regards to questions that you have put have following suggestions:

1. With regards to loyalty points, the customer who purchases goods on Credit is already getting the facility of credit from us so loyalty points can be withdrawn / not given but to encourage payment on time a ratio of the original loyalty points can be given to customers making balance payments on time. With regards to customers who are paying in advance installments to buy a product the loyalty point ratio can be increased.

2. Employees should not be able to add the credit sale accounts on their own. But if an employee vouches for a customer for him tobe Given the facility of credit sale that credit sale should somehow be linked to that employee so that if the customer doesn't pay the said amount can be added to employees tab.

3. If you provide the option of advance payments / installments then there should be the option of refund for that.


We require payment on account for customers, we didn't realise that Loyverse didn't offer this. We sell items and then customers make payments towards their balances also a purchase history would be useful to see when the customer purchased a particular item so you can check if the item is returned in the correct timeframe. Unfortunately, until this is available we have had to switch to an alternative system – but we had invested in the printer and scanner that’s compatible with Loyverse before realising the lack of customer account facility ;0(

If at all possible when the new credit function/system is being created the ability to allow loyalty points to be added directly to a customers account without generating sales would be useful. ie Gift points for inhouse games, points as a reinbursment instead of cash.

Sometimes our customer order a birthday cake for next week while they've put 50% down payment/advance credit today. Please add this feature.

I am a summer camp director and we are evaluating if Loyverse can help us run our Camp Store.  Currently, we have 200+ campers per week and we do not allow them to use cash at our camp store due to losing/sharing of monies etc.  We require their parent to purchase a store card of their choice amount and then track deductions from that amount based on what their child purchases.  We currently track all accounts by hand.  Essentially we would want customer accounts to have an account balance of say X amount of money to start and then deduct purchases from that balance not letting it go negative.  Specific answers to the questoin are below.

1. Does not matter, it is likely we wouldn't award loyalty points at all.

2. Yes, we would likely only use the deposit account option.

3. Yes, at the end of the summer we would need an option to refund deposit accounts with leftover money.

i need the sme option as well

Topic: Insert Advance Credit/Payment for customers (ex. Consumable amount) to have a balanced cash/transactions for the shift (see last photo for shift report)

Solution: Create a Discount (For Cash) with Variable Amount and Payment Type (For Credit Card and/or Cheque) for Advance Credit

IF Advance Credit is paid thru Cash:

Step 1: On POS, Shift > Cash Management > Input amount of deposit > Comment Customer Name or Table No. > PAY IN

Step 2:Enter customer orders under one ticket

Step 3.a: Enter advance credit amount on discount created earlier on customer’s ticket. 

Step 3.b:If multiple tables/tickets: Place the discount on one of the tickets, merge the ticket before charging the transaction

Step 4: Press CHARGE to end the transaction and determine the remaining balance for the transaction (if there is).

IF Advance Credit is paid thru Credit Card/Cheque:

Step 1.a: Enter customer orders under one ticket

Step 1.b: If multiple tables/tickets: merge the ticket before charging the transaction

Step 2: Press CHARGE to end the transaction

Step 3: Press SPLIT (Upper right corner) to split payment.

Step 4: Enter advance credit amount under Payment Type created earlier for advance credit

Step 5: Select which payment type to be used to settle amount difference.

*See photos for example

Where are the photos, I want to test this method as a way of setting up gift cards
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At this time the option of credit is not aviable.

Maybe in a future could be made any option to allow to make a credit invoice with total payment or partial payments.

This is common in my Country (Costa Rica).

Thanks for your atention.


we only need the credit system whereby we can save all receipts to be paid at a later date.

we havd a 25 table restaurant in a close knit community where many of our customers pay at once a month. not money up front required.


thank you 


I would love that as well
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To answer your question:

Question 1: When a customer makes a deposit. If users are using the Loyalty feature then when a customer makes a deposit they should build points the same way they would if they paid all up front.

Question 2: Yes any employee should be able to create in house accounts for those customers. Options to change the credit limit requires special access rights.

Question 3: Yes this feature is very important. If necessary this option needs to be available. In some cases a refund of the deposit may need to happen.

This feature will be very useful to many businesses including mine.

Hi there, I own/manage a very large night club, I have 16 tills running every night. We do not accept credit cards, cash only. We have customers that have "House accounts" with no credit limit. we start "tabs" for anyone that asks for one but require cash up front and put that value in the comments section when creating a tab. personally I dont think customers should get loyalty until the tab or account is paid. Depending on what your loyalty percentage is you could really get burned. Ours is set up so when you sign up you get $1.00 just for signing up. and you get $1.00 for every $10.00 spent after that. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok