Composite articles in cascade


I have problems to create items that are part of composite items that in turn are composed of composite items such as beans, eggs etc, the failure in back office is that it does not allow me to access the article to add it, in essence I can not create composite items with compound items, how could generate some eggs with ham to sell with a compound item which will be called scrambled eggs plus another that will be called fried ham plus another that will be a percentage of a liter of fried beans, I hope it has been clear thank you very much for the help


In my case, I can create composite items in composite items to nesting level 4. From your description, I think your composite items is smaller than level 4. Or bigger?

mmm I think if I have a level of nesting of more than four levels, if you had an email I would love to send you my files and an image of how I generate the prices, but if I calmly have 5 levels of nesting, and the result is that I can not create the article does not put a sale price and if it comes to work afterwards it does not allow me to update it change it

my email is

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