Can we use the 76mm paper size for our receipts?

Interesting, which printer you use? And 76mm paper format also interesting. This is thermal paper?
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Do you mean 80mm x 76mm thermal paper roll? 76mm it is a diameter of paper roll I think. It is a standard 80mm thermal paper for a receipt printer.

Loyverse POS supports many such printers, but you need to check the printer model on the website.

Actually, you can try. Work length of 80mm printer is 72mm and theoretically, 76mm paper can work well. Perhabs paper will be floating from edge to edge, and a receipt will be crookedly printed for that. But maybe it is not critical.

Hi! Loyverse supports 80 mm and 58 mm paper width. Here you can find more information. Have you tried to install hardware for Loyverse POS? uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok