Can I use bottle bill system in Loyverse POS?

I'm a beekeeper and want to sell my honey.

Here in Germany, you have to collect a "Glaspfand" or "glass deposit" in English. I'm not sure if this is the proper wording.


  1 pcs. honey (500g) for 6€
+1 pcs. glass deposit for 0.5€

When the customer ate all the honey he will bring back the glass to me and I will refund him the deposit.

I tried to do this by setting up a "glass deposit" article with a negative price like "-0.5" but the backend will not accept this.

A workaround with the current deposit system is not possible because:

  • Customers may bring back glasses from other beekeepers and get the deposit. So I have no customer record and no received deposit in the past, I can refund. I want just to "buy the glass from the customer" (article with negative price)
  • It is not common here to ask peoples names when they buy a glass of honey for 6€ so it is not really feasible to create customer records.
  • I tried to create a discount without a predefined value and add the value at checkout. But this will not allow for a negative total on the bill too.

A workaround with the UOM system does not work because you cannot enter negative values for the amount in the POS app.

Any more Ideas how to solve this? I'd really love to use loyverse - I like the app very much.

Is it possible to do this?


Hello! I love the Loyverse System andIi have tried a lot of functions and it seems perfect for my nightclub. 'But there is one function i miss, without I can not use Loyverse: a function for Deposit on Bottles and cups. In my club (and normally in many other clubs in Germany), we collect a deposit of 50 Cent of Bottles or Cups for every drink. If the costumer brings back the empty bottle or cup, we give him the 50 cent back. But in the moment there is no possibility in Loyverse to handle that. It would be great, if you can put to every product a deposit, if you need this. And a function to give the Deposit back from the cash register.

Build a discount named 'Deposit Return'. This impacts the total in the same way a negative price item does. Technically, a deposit is a 'Liability' and not a 'Sale' and it should not be included in daily sales. So this solution might work for cash handling, but it is not efficient as an accounting solution.
I think you can do this by utilising 'Units of Measure' - I Saw a similar question when selling Wine by the Bottle or Wine by the glass.. I don't use UOM in our business so not looked at it in depth but I know some people here have. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok