Can I suggest tracking of items which are cancelled by cashier?

Can I suggest a report of all items which are cancelled during a transaction per cashier just like receipt cancelled? 

Actually there is a loophole whereby a Cashier can either delete or reduce the quantity of an item purchased while processing a transaction.


i think this is very serious issue because it happen also to us. Is there any way to found out what the cashier deleted in the past? 

I have this trouble now. Because I realized when there is an open ticket, the cashier can make a printed bill by click the button “print bill ”. And then show this bill to the guest and get the money (payment). But meanwhile this open ticket still can be modified or deleted, which means can delete some items from this open ticket or even delete this whole open ticket. And this will not be recorded or reported to any other device or back office. I think this is a super big bug for safety. 

And both printed bill by click “print bill” button and “charge” button are looks almost the same. And only the bill that printed by “charge” button can be recorded. Even can use the access right to limit staff, but it’s really annoying, because as a restaurant business will have many reasons that have to cancel a item in the open ticket. This access right only make the work not that efficient. I think loyverse IT department still can improve this.
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I've ticked that option but I do not see it working when tested. A Cashier profile can still cancel an item from a ticket and close the sale afterward without any request for manager's PIN. Did I miss anything?


If you use open tickets there is an access right called "Void saved items in open tickets" that will require manager's PIN in order to void ticket/item in a ticket. It can help to prevent from unauthorized actions.

This is a serious flaw in the system. Now I am spending all my day tracking the voids, and quantity change. In the receipt export there is no original order number, only it has recipt number. What is the use of receipt number, VERY poor design. Tired of calling the helpdesk to add this field. Reporting is very poor. I asked for data dump, they can not even send me that. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok