Can I setup a grid layout for items for sales screen?

I would like to display category as my main page, then choose the item, and add extra.

example for coffee shop:

- choose coffee

- different type of coffee

- choose add cream and sugar, how many


Thank you,

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Most popular POS systems have a full button layout, not a dropdown menu.. Having the abitlity to have buttons instead of a dropbox or drop menu would make things alot easier. Also having the ability to have SUB CATEGORIES for all buttons would make this system excel to a new level! Ive been in the POS business for many years and these little things would make a world of differance!

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Yes, you can do it. You can customize sell screen layout grids and group items by different types, for example, drinks, snacks, salads, etc.

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I went to the link you provide, it said go to custom page. Where is the custom page located?

Thank you.
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It is on the homepage in the bottom navigation panel, but on tablet devices only. Which version of Loyverse POS you use, and which device (Android or iOS, phone or tablet)?
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My tablet it huawei mediapad t3 7.0 but cannot see grid layout..pls help me..
The ability to have “item groups” as buttons down the left of (portrait) layout would be a huge (interim) help - the drop down selection of groups is really fiddly in android and iOS Progressing further, free arrangement of items (perhaps by a “weighting” value like on Drupal?) would be even better

It is possible to set up grid layout for the items using a tablet. Loyverse POS on phone has only list layout. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok