Can I cc (copy) all emailed receipts to a fixed address?

When I email the receipt to my customer at cashout, is it possible to automatically send a copy to a predefined email address?



Luego de haberse registrado el pago, usted puede habrir el recibo en el POS y reenviarlo a otra dirección de correo.

No lo hace automáticamente.

Pienso que sería interesante la opción de enviar los recibos a varias direcciones.

Hi! Unfortunatelly no such option in Loyverse POS. 

Could you explain why you need such function? You can always check the receipts in the back office

I need to load every receipt to a new government tax system in XML format, in accordance with new Costa Rica regulation. So, I've created a program that converts the emailed receipt into the required XML so I can load it into the government system.

The Receipt report in the backoffice does not contain the receipt details. So, I cannot use it.
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