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Rodrigo Díaz


Loyverse POS was a turning point for our coffee business

Doi Chang Coffee Farm is a Coffee business that experienced a huge benefit from Loyverse POS at the time when they most needed it. Their business was growing, and altough taking orders manually by hand was feasible at the beginning, they soon realized that their system had to be upgraded. They eventually found Loyverse, and they couldn't wish for anything better!

Implementing the aplication in their tablets was a turning point for their business, and in their own words, "Our store’s operation system is divided into two eras: before, and after Loyverse".

We asked them about their experience and they prepared an article for all of us. Enjoy!

Doi Chang Coffee Farm, Korea

We have been importing and distributing coffee directly from Thailand, for four years in Suwon, nearby Seoul. The main business is greenbeans wholesale and retail, however, once customers had shown interest in Doi Chang coffee, we started to run a small coffee shop, as well. The time for the customers’ visit was fixed and the space was too small for a POS machine. Also, although I took orders by hand because the menu was simple, it was an inconvenience.


As the business expanded, I felt the limitation of taking orders by hand. Due to numerous missing orders, it was difficult to have accurate sales data. In the end, I felt the necessity of a POS installation, and I started to look for POS companies in Korea.

It was difficult to choose the right one due to unnecessary options and conditions of use. By chance, I came across a foreign POS system called ‘Loyverse’.  Loyverse POS is a free service, and what I found most attractive was the fact that my existing smartphones and tablets could simply download the POS app and be used right away. Although it is from a foreign company, it had multilingual support, including Korean. It was also a very simple process, to configure the system.


I have been using Loyverse POS already for several months. Doi Chang Coffee Farm has benefited from Loyverse for many reasons reasons. 

First, wherever there is internet available, I can track the sales in my store very easily. Due to the nature of the business, the amount of work, delivering coffee beans to other different businesses, is significant. Therefore, I had to go out often. Even so, I could check my sales anytime, from my phone.

Second, I can use multiple mobile or tablet devices as POS devices. As soon as you install Loyverse POS into the employee’s phone, the phone turns into a POS system. The ability to take orders at the same time with each POS can reduce customer's’ wait time.

Third, Loyverse POS has a dedicated team offering great support. In the beginning I did not expect to get support, as it was a free and foreign company. But they have  exceptional people on their team who took care of korean users. They gave clear and immediate answers in Korean. There is a chatting feature in the POS app, that allows the user to communicate with Loyverse experts at all times. I really saw their effort to listen to the customer and try to improve service by providing quick feedback. 


Finally, It is possible to see accurate sales data analysis. From Loyverse backoffice, at a glance, I could see sales data by date, time, and item. This helped me to understand sales made in store, much more easily and helped to alleviate the ambiguity of data. I do not need to make any file for store reports. I can simply print out Loyverse reports.

It has been very satisfying and has helped me a lot with operating our store. Loyverse POS is a highly reliable service, and I recommend them to all small & medium business owners of various industries.




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