Bematech LR 2000 printer issues

I was only able to get a Bematech LR 2000 printer locally. It print usable receipts. Unfortunately it doesn´t print the logo and the width is not correct. Has anyone figured out a workaround? I´m using it together with a Galaxy Tab Elite.


Now Android POS also can print logos on the receipts via addition logo in receipt settings in the Back Office.


Loyverse gives you the option to add a logo on your receitps, but only if you use an iOS device. If you use Android you can try to add a logo following this guidelines:

About the width, if you go to Loyverse POS, Settings, printers, choose your printer; you can select the paper width, and if you enter on "Advanced settings" there is more options such as the printing width and the option to choose Graphical or Text mode. You can try different configurations and see if you make it feet. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok