Bar Code or SKU number on receipt

I run a fairly large retail operation selling items that are sometimes similar. When a client returns an item how do I know what it is? With hundreds of inventory items I find it is best if I know the Bar Code or SKU number.

Is there any way to get either the bar code or the sku number to print on the receipt?

Kind of a pretty big oversight, even the most basic cash register prints the bac code / plu.


The bar code is exceedingly important if Loyverse ever wants to be used in bigger commercial applications. 

OK for ma and pa shops but if you're serious about business this is pretty amateurish.


Have been asking for this for a couple years and more clarity on item discounts as well, showing it at each item as opposed to discount totals at end of receipt. Always have customers think they were overcharged as they look at the line item and see full price printed. uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookies policy. Learn more Ok