App crashes (on ipad mini) entering printer IP address.


I'm using a dedicated iPad mini (1st gen / iOS 8.3), w/ earlier version of loyverse (latest version won't run on this).  I've restored ipad to factory, rebooted and reloaded loyverse app; no change.  When I try to enter a number in the "IP Address" field to set up the printer the app crashes ...  I'm at a loss.



Have you tried setting up the printer as type “other”?

We use one of the listed Epsom Ethernet printers and recently found it won’t work at all if it is set up using the option for it on the list but works fine if we set it up as “other Ethernet”

Thanks for the help ... I'm configuring as an "other printer" (it's an epson tm u220b) and it works fine when set up on iphone or ipad mini 2 (although it would be nice to increase font size). The moment I try to enter the ip address on the mini 1 the app crashes.
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