Any idea why I have to restart my Android POS to get bills printing again?


I have 2 POS machines, both android, to which I've connected some no name Chinese bill printing machines via OTG. They work just fine normally. However, once I've disconnected the printer and started to charge the POSs and then reconnect it then there is issues with printing. Sometimes, it works like nothing has changed but on most times it gives an error. It's happening on both POS machines.


I have same problem sometimes.  Sometimes it doesn't have to be a restart, instead of restarting the POS, I can also restart the printer.  

However, sometime problem persists I have to even reinstall the printer

it is not a good idea to plug and unplug USB devices.

If you need to solve the issue, I  think it would a good idea to use the special cord which allows to charge the device and use OTG-USB.


it could be something like that 

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