Adding quantity and cost price to modifiers

Is there a way update the app so that you can add cost to the modifier (and composite maker) that way the price changes as the amount of modifier/item changes?

My idea is to update the pre-made composite item varients to include the unit (cm/m/in/y, gram, kg, lb, pieces, etc.) of each component/product in the cost section.

It would be nice if there was a way to use the modifier in a similar fashion.

Name of product
cost per unit
type of unit in cost of product section (cm, in, meter, yard, milliliter, pieces, gram, etc.)
quantity sold

retail price for the amount sold to be automatically calculated as well as manually (right now retail price is only manual)

whether or not the unit of the product shows up on the receipt should be an option

It will help if there was a calculator on how much a client should pay for labor, shipping, and handling. (time, distance)
Example: An employee makes 10/hr but works for only 5 min for a client. How can the employee quickly and easily calculate that?

better variant finder for composite and non-composite items
the search results still yield too many options and if you try to narrow it down the searching stops

A customer comes in wanting a bouquet that's custom made. They want red, yellow, pink, and orange flowers, ribbon, and cellophane. They want 5 flowers of each color, some ribbon, and cellophane.

Store paid: 20 (per color) for 10 flowers (per color)
(20 for 40 red flowers, 20 for 40 yellow flowers, etc.)
(2 per flower)
Cost per bundle after markup: 40 per color (4 per flower)
Amount of flowers customer wants: 20
Retail price of flowers: 80

Store paid 6 for 3m/3.28 yards, (300 centimeters/118.11 inches), of ribbon
(2 per meter/0.02 per cm)
Cost after markup: 12 per spool/bundle (4/m or 0.04/cm)
10 cm of ribbon just so happens to be used
Retail price of ribbon: 0.40

Store paid: 50 for a pack of 100 pieces (0.05/piece)
Cost after markup: 100 per pack (0.10/piece)
Pieces used: 1
Retail price of cellophane: 0.10

Cost of product: 80.50


Back Office:

Product: Ribbon


available          variant                 price  quantity   cost     unit     sku
(checkmark)       L/leaf design       0.25       5        0.05      cm


modifier name

option name     price (per item)  cost     unit     

   blue ribbon         0.50             0.25       cm
   labor/handling      0.17           0.17       min     

POS system:


(variant search)

L/leaf design                                0.25


(modifier 1)            quantity            price         
blue                             10                    5
labor/handling              10             1.67



Ribbon x 1                                      6.92
L/leaf design
blue, labor/handling


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